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openingThrough our group of related companies, The Jindok Group employs products and solutions which address core sustainability issues. Currently our primary focus is on energy conservation through large scale LED retrofits and energy management systems (in design phase). TJG also has financial programs to fund the capital costs of green technologies for residences, businesses and municipalities.



The Jindok Group (JG) is a values-based organization dedicated to creating a future worth inheriting. The Tibetan word Jindok means ‘steward’, a role we take seriously. We recognize that man-made CO2 emissions are the major contributor to climate change and is probably the number one problem facing future generations. The goal of the Jindok Group is to light the way by providing well-financed, large scale, turnkey energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to our residential, business and governmental clients. Our approach will maximize the reduction of carbon emissions in the shortest time possible while generating significant financial savings. We also believe that once energy efficient lighting has a proven track record, it will pave the way for other renewable and sustainable products and technologies.



While LEDs are clearly the winning technology for the present and foreseeable future, no single manufacturer is able to meet the diverse needs of the homeowner, business and city infrastructure with the best quality product, at the best price. The JG- affiliated business relationships have become the umbrella that fosters a consortium of companies who are industry leaders in retrofitting residences, businesses and entire municipalities. We select the appropriate manufacturers and financiers to produce the precise team needed to create a seamless retrofit experience for our clients. We believe that this tailored process with our team of manufacturers provides a more proficient and cost-effective outcome than a single supplier, “one size fits all” approach.

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We recognize that no one government, group, company or organization can solve the monumental challenges ahead. We believe that collaboration is the key to ramping up scalable, trackable, and effective solutions to today’s energy and carbon crisis. The founders of the Jindok Group have significant and broad-based private and public sector experience. Our industry relationships provide a platform from which to launch maximum carbon reduction strategies through energy efficiency, rapidly and to the needed scale. Our extensive sales management background enables us to effectively harvest these prime business candidates from our established network.      

History proves that financial engineering is key to unlocking the potential in the market place. The Jindok Fund can finance 100% of all acquisition costs of large corporate and governmental LED and renewable energy projects. Due to the significant energy and financial savings and product longevity, the client will realize significant monthly savings in month 1 with zero investment for up to 12 years. The average Annual Return on Investment on residential LED retrofitting is around 50%; commercial retrofits are approximately 35%. On average, office buildings can expect to reduce their total electricity bills by 24%. By eliminating the upfront costs to realizing these monthly savings, we have removed the only hurdle to retrofitting!




Suter Du Bose – 
Jindok Founder, President and CEO

Suter Du Bose was a Vice President of Retail Production with Colonial National mortgage for 25 years. He specialized in identifying and developing early market opportunities and during his career, built an award winning sales organization that exceeded all of the production goals in the 53 year history of the company with approximately 2 billion in retail production. He has developed international mortgage markets and has been an active investor domestically and internationally in real estate and new technology companies.
His specialty is engineering financial solutions that unlock market potential. Mr. Du Bose has created financial programs that will enable corporate and government clients to increase the scope and rate of LED adoption at no investment cost through either off balance sheet service contracts or lease/debt financed purchase contracts.

Anantha Babbili –
Global Leadership

Anantha holds a Ph.D from the University of Iowa and was a journalist in India and Asia, and a consultant for the UN, UNESCO and several media organizations on international and intercultural communication. He has held visiting professorships in Canada, the United Kingdom, India and Slovakia. He was a journalism professor and administrator of media studies and internationalization programs at several major universities and is also a commentator on both television and in print, focusing on ethical issues in global affairs. He was an invited speaker at Oxford University, London School of Economics and other institutions around Europe and Asia. Through Anantha’s extensive network of high level relationships in government and business in India he is instrumental to introducing the Jindok programs to India.

Alison Burchell –
Municipal, Governmental and Non-Profit Advisor

Alison is a professional geologist with a dual B.S. in Chemistry and Environmental Planning, and graduate degrees in Volcanology and Isotope-Geochemistry. She serves on several state and local working-groups and non-profit boards tasked with promoting public education, developing public policy on efficiency and clean energy options. Through Alison’s decades of shaping environmental public policy she has formed a wealth of deep political connections, relationships and understanding on how to optimize the public/private partnership to realize their clean energy goals.


John Thomas (Tom) Foster –
Project Advisor

Tom managed a tour company in his twenties, involving travel in East Africa, Mexico, the Mediterranean and the U.S. In his thirties, he managed and leased commercial real estate. Following an investment opportunity, Tom co-owned and managed several medically driven residential treatment centers for children and adolescents. He also worked until retirement in 2012 as a stock broker with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, as a Series 7 Registered Investment Advisor. Tom then decided to further his education after originally graduating from TCU’s Ranch Management program. He is currently studying International Business and Religion while completing a Master’s Degree in Global Studies.

William S. Du Bose –
Director of Marketing and Communications

Bill’s career in advertising and marketing began on the graphics side as a graphics designer and commercial photographer in Dallas. Bill has since worked with top designers, illustrators, art directors and photographers in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Austin and Dallas. His work has earned featured pages in both Print Design Annual and Kodak’s Illustrative Photography Techniques publications. His packaging design for a gourmet food products line, in collaboration with illustrator/wife Columbia DuBose, was featured on TV’s “The View” and Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” Bill has produced marketing and advertising while serving as principal designer in all media for consumer and trade advertising for national, international and regional clients.

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