The Jindok Group Village Electrification


The Jindok Group offers the finest energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to provide clean and stable electricity to the farms, villages, cities and businesses of India. These technologies will eliminate blackouts and insure that electricity is available for the farmers, businesses and households day and night. This can be accomplished by:

  • Using state of the art battery storage that can collect and store energy when there is surplus power and then distribute power back to the grid when needed
  • Augmentation of the electrical supply through installing wind turbines and photovoltaic solar arrays
  • Reduce the electrical consumption through LED lighting with back up battery storage for all residences and LEDs for businesses and streetlights. This will reduce electrical demand by 20%.
  • Upgrade clean water treatment, quality and supply and waist water treatment with super efficient pumps and mechanical systems
  • Implementing and maintaining these clean energy programs creates good quality jobs for the villagers.

We bring the money to pay for all of these initiatives so that the villages pay no money up front and the clean energy loans can be paid off over time from a portion of the monthly energy savings. Based on considerable experience, we believe that the Villages can eliminate rolling blackouts, increase the supply of electricity which will improve the productivity of farms and businesses and quality of life at home, at no cost and still save money monthly on their electrical bills. The Jindok Group would be delighted to do a full assessment, evaluating the critical needs of the villagers, then propose a plan to solve the energy problems and uplift the lives of its people. This plan would be backed by performance guarantees and fully funded by our financial program.