The Jindok Group Smart Port Solutions


The Jindok Group Smart Port Services will deliver a consortium of smart technologies which include state-of-the-art security, asset management and network technologies that will safeguard against current and future malicious threats and improve efficiencies and profitability. These technologies will be integrated and supported by our team’s secure, wireless mesh network infrastructure platform. It is a flexible, open platform which will support the future proliferation of third party surveillance and metering technologies.

We propose to deliver the following smart port solutions:

  • Our superlative wireless mesh grid infrastructure network can be deployed at all facilities and will allow the client to centralize the monitoring of all security surveillance, meter and sensor technology in one command control central location. This optimizes response time, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Our smart video technology has been designed and deployed in collaboration with the U.S. Homeland Security and Department of Defense to enable enhanced “bad guy” detection, license plate identification and a host of other state of the art surveillance functions.
  • We will also present the latest surveillance drone technologies that provide advanced detection of potential illegal, malicious and weaponized threats.
  • Our team will present the newest generation of locational asset tracking sensors to improve operational safety and efficiency through real time centralized monitoring of pallets, shipping containers, trucks, trains and important assets.
  • We will present advanced smart port logistics that have been utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense worldwide to significantly reduce operational costs, increase billing accuracy, improve cargo transfer times and safety, improve on-demand asset inventory management and increase profit.
  • Our network security technologies are deployed by the US Homeland Security and the DoD, to totally assure our secure cyber and communications networks.

bottom line- the Jindok Group Smart Port Services will deliver improved Security, Safety and Profitability.