The Jindok Group Smart City Solutions


With our opex service contract, we will be able to utilize the savings from the citywide LED streetlight program to fund all of the capital expenses of the smart city initiative which will greatly enhance public safety, security and generate significant lifetime financial savings to the city.

The optimal approach to a smart city development is to create a network of smart LED streetlights that will provide the infrastructure to support and operate the smart city functions through the wireless mesh canopy. Our Smart City program includes the following services:- net zero investment and repayment lease contract over 15-25 years- smart utility sensors and meters to monitor and manage water and electrical usage- traffic analytics to optimize traffic flow and safety- digital signage will create a major funding opportunity.

  • service contract to warrant and maintain the system for life of contract
  • we will locally manufacture state of the art smart LED streetlights that will support the wireless mesh platform for present and future network applications.
  • state of the art cyber and physical security and camera surveillance to reduce crime
  • eliminate power shortages through peak load shaving and management, advanced energy storage and distribution and solar energy augmentation.
  • agnostic smart mesh network open platform that will accommodate all present and future applications that best serve Bengaluru’s needs over time.