Step 1: LISTEN

This is the most important step. When we listen carefully we find out our clients’ goals, needs, constraints and opportunities.


The Jindok Group will research and present best options to fulfill or exceed our clients’ goals. Our preliminary proposal will provide product options, and complete cost and benefit projections on each option. We then draft a Letter of Intent.

Step 3: AUDIT

We arrange for an audit to specify exactly what exists that relates to the project. This is key. All successful projects totally rely on accurate and thorough audits.

Step 5: CLOSE

All contracts are signed and initial funds are disbursed.

Step 4: PLAN

We work closely with our client to come up with the best turn-key business solution to meet their goals. This plan will include:

• an estimate or fixed-price bid of all project costs

• financial engineering- an essential piece to unlock the project’s full potential

• projected financial benefits

• carbon reduction

The plan will identify the scope and timing of the project from audit through completion and the maintenance and performance representations and warranties. Once the planning is complete, we draft a Memorandum of Understanding, which is the basis for creating final contracts.


The LEDs are installed per the specifications of the contracts.


We can provide a maintenance and performance contract for a fixed term.


Municipal LED Streetlight Retrofits

Interior New-Construction Illumination

Interior New-Construction Illumination