The Jindok Group is a clean energy technology aggregator and development company that brings state of the art energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, cyber and physical security technologies and investment grade finance to fund our large sovereign and corporate projects.
We are currently working on large LED smart light and smart city projects in the U.S., India and a smart port solutions project for the largest port owner and developer in India.
Our consortium includes best of breed LED manufacturers, smart city networking solutions and security technology companies that provide port security solutions for several U.S. cities. We also work with the U.S. leader in smart airport security technologies.

The Tibetan word Jindok means ‘steward’, a role we take seriously. The Jindok Group is committed to brightening the future by providing well-financed, large scale, turn-key energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to the farms, villages, cities and industries of our planet.

The Jindok Group is a values-based development company that provides systems integration of best of class technology, projects engineering and management and private funding to our corporate and sovereign clients.

Our consortium of companies are currently active in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and India, and our project portfolio includes hotels, hospitals, village and urban municipalities, and corporate and industrial environments.

The Jindok Group is dedicated to creating a future worth inheriting. We recognize that man-made CO2 emissions are the major contributor to climate change and is probably the number one problem facing future generations. 

Our solutions will maximize the reduction of carbon emissions in the shortest time possible while generating significant financial savings. We also believe that once energy efficient lighting has a proven track record, it will pave the way for other renewable and sustainable products and technologies.

The Jindok Group addresses the core economic, social and sustainability issues of our time. Our goals are:

  • Clean Energy Management Solutions- Our technologies will stabilize the existing energy grids and bring clean energy to support urban and rural industry, and farming and agriculture, to create a more enhanced quality of life.
  • Job Creation- Jindok will provide technologies and the requisite support that will create the opportunity and economic basis for a new generation of trained professionals.
  • Environmental Stewardship Through clean energy solutions, communities and governments will significantly curtail greenhouse gas emissions and provide the path to meet and exceed the Kyoto Protocol goals.
Jindpk India Group's Value Proposition

We recognize that no one government, group, company or organization can solve the monumental challenges ahead. We believe that collaboration is the key to ramping up scalable, trackable, and effective solutions to today’s energy and carbon crisis. The founders of the Jindok Group have significant and broad-based private and public sector experience. Our industry relationships provide a platform from which to launch maximum carbon reduction strategies through energy efficiency, rapidly and to the needed scale. Our extensive sales management background enables us to effectively harvest these prime business candidates from our established network.

History proves that financial engineering is key to unlocking the potential in the market place. The Jindok Fund can finance 100% of all acquisition costs of large corporate and governmental LED and renewable energy projects. Due to the significant energy and financial savings and product longevity, the client will realize significant monthly savings in month 1 with zero investment for up to 12 years. The average Annual Return on Investment on residential LED retrofitting is around 50%; commercial retrofits are approximately 35%. On average, office buildings can expect to reduce their total electricity bills by 24%. By eliminating the upfront costs to realizing these monthly savings, we have removed the only hurdle to retrofitting!

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