Our LED program can generate significant savings of up to 60% of lighting expense and an equal portion of labor and product savings because our lights last 100,000 hours. Due to the significant combined savings the average return on investment can be as high as 40%. With the outdoor lighting requirements of enormous scale, these combined savings are remarkable. Also with LED lighting, you will have superior light quality with more precise and complete light dispersion, lumen level and superior color rendering which is important for safety and surveillance.

One of our principal LED manufacturers was the first to supply the US Navy submarine fleet with LEDs 18 years ago, and to this day has an active relationship with the Pentagon researching, designing and installing LEDs.

We work with several best of class LED companies to offer comprehensive smart and cyber secure street light networks that offer a broad range of security and surveillance functions, wifi, wireless meter reading etc. Our consortium’s wireless mesh networks provide the technological platform to support distributive energy storage and generation, peak demand shedding, microgrid management for cities and rural electrification.

The other smart LED systems provider is a public company and is a leader in city and industrial installations with the following examples: Biodiesel plant in France, Torino, Italy safe-city project, Schiers Switzerland, Doha/Qatar and Moscow projects.

They have also just closed on a 38,000 smart street light project in northern India and a 500,000 streetlight project in Florida in the U.S. They have deployed one of the most robust, smart grid, wireless, mesh-networked projects at present.