India is awash with thousands of LED companies, many of them good, many of them just cheap. All of them are importing the more advanced components from Asia and they assemble them in India and all of them have to be priced to compete in the tender process where the lowest capex wins. The problem with the lowest bidder winning the tenders is that the tier 3 LEDs that are used do not have the surge protection or quality of components to withstand the environmental conditions in India. That is why the failure rate with streetlights has been around 20%.

The Jindok approach changes the paradigm to opex economics which allows us to use tier 1 LEDs that will last 100,000 because of the superior quality components which generate greater value over time for the municipality and greater profit over time to us. They cost more, but they save much more.

Also, LEDs by themselves are a huge missed opportunity. Once they are installed, they can’t easily be modified to programmable two communication required for smart lighting. Smart LEDs are essential to build the platform for present and future technologies that deliver very meaningful security and metering solutions, etc., and increase savings an additional 25%. Jindok brings the most intelligent opex approach to the Indian market place that delivers the greatest value because we are able to avoid capex tender commodity pricing.

Suter Du Bose
Jindok Group